TheFACTORY Business Solutions will exclusively represent in Africa and South Africa. This fully automated application administers advertisements in front of online video content. For any publisher or website owner who offers video content you can start generating income through pre-roll advertisements. The Videostrip advertisement network enables publishers and website owners to monetize their websites with brand advertising. Videostrip services the rich media advertisements; the publisher get’s paid every time a user engages with one of them. See for samples and information. For advertisers Videostrip offers the best video inventory on the web from our growing network of professional publishers. Videostrip provides for maximum consumer engagement by using a variety of video advertising formats including:

Preroll + full size companion banner
A short advertising video displayed before the actual video content

Invideo Overlay, Banner Overlay or Interactive Overlay + full size companion banner

Featured Video Positions
Fixed Prominent Homepage Positions for your content

Editorial Video Content
Video specials produced together with our network partners


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