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TheFACTORY is a successful IT Service Provider, we act as technology partner by managing the Technology, Skills and Resources to successfully develop and implement IT, Internet and Web projects.

We are a practical and independent IT service provider and match our solutions and service to the needs of our clients. This open and hands-on approach makes working with TheFACTORY an easy experience. We transform the business needs into understandable solutions. We try to avoid ‘inventing wheels’ and making none compatible applications. We only use proven and stable IT application solutions and technology. Where professional looking Internet presences is a must for today’s companies and organisations, is keeping up to date with all ‘new stuff’ a complex and time consuming matter. At TheFACTORY we are ahead of the business Internet user and in the midst of the newest Internet technology. Allowing us to combine our experience with our client’s needs to provide solid IT solutions to support our drive to always be efficient, effective and successful towards;


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